Volunteering with the UP Project


How many people are there who would love to pass on their skills?  Are you one of them?  We are looking for volunteers who would love to get involved and sew, swish or sand.  Want to know more? – then read on ...

The Climate Challenge Fund are supporting Earthtime to deliver a targeted carbon reduction programme which encourages and supports people to buy less and repair more.  This in turn helps to save money and reduce CO2e emissions.

You can join our team at Earthtime's UP Project, and volunteer to help deliver woodworking or sewing lessons, upcycling crafts workshops, or clothes swishing events. You do not need to have bags of experience as training will be given.  All you need is bags of enthusiasm, have an interest in woodwork/sewing/clothes and greener life choices, and to be sociable, patient and happy working with and teaching or talking to people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

See below for which aspect(s) of the project you would like to volunteer with.


Working with re-claimed wood

Join our exciting project working with reclaimed wood.  Based at our wood workshop at West Lodge, Cooper Park, Andy, our wood guru, works with small groups to help with either their own up-cycling or repair woodwork project or our planned lessons creating new items out of reuseable wood.  Help others gain new basic woodwork skills and make simple items that can be taken home on the same day.

Your role as a Woodwork Volunteer with Earthtime would be to help ...

  • Prepare any wood for the session (this may be separate to the woodwork lesson itself) e.g. breaking pallets.

  • Help participants.

  • Raise awareness of why we are doing this.

  • Tidying up at the end.

  • Evaluating the session.

Sewing classes and Upcycling crafts workshops

Fancy sharing your hand-sewing skills or showing people how to use a sewing machine?  Repair a hole in item of clothing?  Fancy making your own bunting?  Learning to darn a sock? People have many, many skills and we are up for a full skill swap.  Are you? You can join the part of the UP project working with repairable garments and upcycleable textiles based at our Greener Moray hub on Elgin High Street where Jo and Sarah, our talented textile teachers  teach groups basic hand and machine  sewing skills an creative ways to upcycle reuseable fabrics. Or you can help out, offer advice and ideas at the textile drop-in sessions where participants come along with their own sewing projects to repair or upcycle garments and reuseable materials.   

Your role as a sewing/upcycling crafts volunteer with Earthtime would be to help …

  • Raise awareness of why we are doing this.

  • Help participants

  • Tidy up at the end.

  • Evaluate the session.


“What’s a swish?” I hear you ask. Well swishing is taking the country by storm.  Basically, its swapping yer stuff.   They are easy to set up and when you’re up, you’re on your way …

Swishes can happen in all kinds of ways.  The most common events are with clothes.  These could be themed, for example children’s clothes, or women’s eveningwear.   Office clothes or sporting garments.  The Big T-Shirt Swish … now there’s an idea.   Anyone can set these up and whilst we will be arranging regular swishes ourselves, you can arrange your own and swish with your friends or fellow club members.

Your role as a swish volunteer with Earthtime would be to help …

  • Weigh the clothes/objects

  • Raise awareness of why we are doing this

  • Learn to deliver your own swishing events (optional)

  • Tidy up at the end

  • Evaluate the session

If you would like to help out with some of our swishes, have ideas for where to hold a swish or want help and advice to organise your own swish please email us at upproject@earthtime.co.uk or phone 01343 541335.

If you are interested in volunteering with Earthtime please contact Sue at volunteer@earthtime.co.uk