The Tool Library
Our tool library is now up and running!


In our tool library we have a range of DIY tools for members to borrow for a week at a time. This saves people money as they don't have to buy expensive tools they may only use a few times, and less consumption of the materials to make these tools is good for the planet too! 

A power drill is used on average for 13 minutes in its lifetime. The average UK household spends £110 a year on tools (Office of National Statistics, 2014) whereas annual membership to the tool library costs £20 (concessions available).

How does it work?

Once you are a member, you choose the tools you want to borrow from the list below and contact the UP project or drop into our shop to check availability and reserve the tools you would like to borrow. You then collect them from the shop on Saturday morning between 1-3 pm; where necessary we'll show you how the tool works. You return them the following Saturday between 10-noon in full working order.

How do you join?

Just Pop into the UP Project Shop at 67 High Street Elgin with two forms of ID (one recent bit of paperwork with your name and address on and one form of photo ID), fill in a simple form with your contact details, pay a year's membership (£20 or other agreed sum) and, hey presto, you can start borrowing tools.

Do you have tools to donate?

If you have spare tools in good working order, duplicates of some tools or have been given tools you don't use or need you can donate these to the UP Tool Library - we'll make sure they get lots of use by other people! We don't at  the moment have gardening tools but this is something we would like to add to the tool library so any donations of gardening tools in full working order would be appreciated!

List of tools

(power tools come with battery and charger where necessary)

Makita Multi tool  

Makita Jigsaw 

Makita percussion hammer drill

Makita Sander

Makita drill bit sets

Claw hammers

Spirit levels (assorted sizes)

Set Squares

Adjustable squares

Tape measures

Chisel and hammer sets

Screwdriver set

Portable workbench

Staple guns

Joist finder


Wallpaper-pasting tables