The Up Shop


We now have our bottle refill scheme set up for ethical and environmentally friendly cleaning liquids from Bio D.


We have:


Laundry liquid - £4 per litre

Fabric conditioner - £2 per litre

Washing up liquid - £2 per litre

Hand soap/sanitiser - £3.50 per litre

Toilet cleaner - £2 per litre

Bring your clean, empty, plastic bottle (or glass bottle) to the shop and you can have it refilled from our bulk supplies without creating demand for yet another plastic bottle! You can buy liquid by the litre, half litre, third of a litre or quarter of a litre.

We have a few of the Bio D cleaning liquids and powder already bottled/packaged up:


Handwash 500ml £3.95


Handwash 5 litres £14.95


Washing up liquid 750ml £2.10


Washing up liquid 5 litres  £9.70


Washing powder 2 kg   £8.45 

And we also have some other environmentally-friendly products for sale such as plastic-free toothbrushes (£3), washing-up brushes (£2.70) and vegetable scrubbers (£3) which won't shed tiny bits of plastic into the environment, as well as a range of Fairtrade and healthy snacks. Drop into our High Street Upcycling Hub to have a look!