Welcome to
Earthtime's UP Project


Earthtime’s UP Project is all about helping people in and around Elgin reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change by repairing and reusing more of what otherwise ends up in landfill and is bought new.

   By giving people the ideas, skills, tools and encouragement to repair and upcycle more of their stuff we can positively change people’s behaviour towards consumption and repair.


At our UP Project High Street Hub in Elgin High we provide advice and information about how we can live a low carbon lifestyle and reduce waste.


We run free courses and workshops to up-skill and encourage people to be able to repair and upcycle more, focussing in particular on wood and garments and other textiles.


Clothes swishes or swaps are another important and creative way of reducing clothing waste, and our tool library lends out DIY and gardening tools for a modest membership fee. 


We have a bottle refill service for ethical and environmentally friendly cleaning products at our small shop in the Hub where you can also buy other environmentally friendly and Fairtrade products.


Our eco-book library is also housed at the hub, with a range of books on woodwork, sewing crafts, sustainability, eco-building and natural history.


We have trial kits of 'real' or reusable nappies to lend out, for those who want to try out reuseable nappies before investing in a set. 

And roughly once a month our Movies with Meaning evenings show films about the environment, sustainability and climate change etc, followed by a discussion and refreshments.


There are also volunteering  opportunities  to get involved in the project. We also provide a venue for other local 'green' projects to host their events to help people repair, share, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.


You can read our annual report about the Up Project 2017-18 for our funders, the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund, here.


West Lodge - Cooper Park
Elgin IV30 1HS,
01343 541335, upproject@earthtime.co.uk

"Great project, really valuable to have somewhere making sustainable choices more accessible to people in practical ways."